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Steuben, Ohio

Historical Photographs of
Steuben, Ohio 
[Steuben is a small village 
about 2-3 miles northeast of Willard]
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For a few years around the turn of the 20th Century, the Church of the Master at Steuben was Presbyterian, as it was at this time in 1903.  The electric railway tracks can be seen in the right foreground.  They crossed the road to the left in the hollow to the station under the trees.

Steuben town square, 1917.

SN&M Electric Railway Station and Store at Steuben, CA 1906.

Steuben School, 1914, with horse drawn school bus.

The old Phoenix Mill, near Steuben, had one of the most unusual roofs in the area.  The roof materials were slabs of sandstone, about the size of sidewalk stones, carefully spaced like tile.  These slabs were then drilled and pinned to the log rafters with round hardwood pins.  The roof lasted until the pins rotted away, permitting water to leak into the rafters and also rotting the rafters.  The stone was originally quarried along the Huron River.

Steuben School Students, April 22, 1909.  Back row: Arthur Lawrence, Louise Armstrong, Maud Reed, Retta Hopkins, Lena Signs, Louis White and teacher, Otto Roe.  2nd row: Will Lawrence, Eva Signs, Harold Bliss, Phoebe Reed, Frances Lawrence, Mary McMasters, Gertrude White, and Emma Signs.  Front row: Frances McMasters, Dorothy Lawrence, Joe Signs, and Edith White.

Bicycling enthusiasts at Steuben in front of what is now the Church of Master, but then in about 1912 was a Congregational Church.

Men associated with the Armatrout Family by the Steuben Cemetery in the late teens or early 1920s.

Armatrout Family group in Steuben, about late teens or early 1920s.  Louis S. White is driving the car.  Note the old Steuben schoolhouse on the left.



These copyrighted historical photographs are the property of Huron County Community Library. These photographs may be downloaded for personal use only and may not be used for commercial purposes.