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Greenwich Public Library
4 New Street
Greenwich, Ohio 44837
Phone: 419-752-7331
Fax: 419-752-6801
TTD/TTY: 1-800-750-0750
Librarian: Stephanie Buchanan

Greenwich Public Library

Greenwich Library Services

Copies   20¢ single side
    25¢ double sides
    30¢ color

Faxes:  $1.00 per page to send; $.50 per page to receive


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Greenwich Friends

The FRIENDS of the library know that a good library is an important community asset. Friends make it better and more useful to everyone.


  • FRIENDS stimulate the use of library resources.
  • FRIENDS focus public attention on the library
  • FRIENDS support the library's development.
  • FRIENDS express appreciation to the library through gifts and cooperation with its staff


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